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Policy-making: global crises and the role of business

Published on March 10, 2022   35 min

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Interviewer: Today, 21st of February 2022, I'm interviewing Bill Emmott about the implications of his article in Project Syndicate on 21st of December 2021, titled 'Vicious Crises', which promoted the report by the Global Commission for Post-pandemic Policy, called 'Our Global Condition'. Listeners are expected to have read the article and the report before listening to this interview. Bill has an extremely long list of accomplishments. Roles, books and articles. I will only mention one. For 13 years, bridging the 20th and 21st centuries, he was the very influential editor of The Economist. A detailed biography can be accessed at the link accompanying this interview. Bill, thank you very much for sparing the time for this interview. I want to explore answers to two questions. First, how do you expect reports, such as 'Our Global Condition', to influence the policies of world powers? Second, what are the roles of businesses and business leaders in attaining the objectives you identified? Can they be more than formers of opinion? Advocates for a better future? What would you have them do, Bill? Mr. Emmott: Well, first of all, thank you very much for inviting me to this talk. It's a great honour and privilege. Second, thank you very much for that kind introduction. As far as the first question is concerned, what do I expect reports like this to do for world leaders?

Policy-making: global crises and the role of business

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