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Social identity and political economy: nation, class, and redistribution

Published on May 17, 2020   24 min

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Interviewer: Professor Shayo, thank you for spending the time today to discuss your paper: A Model of Social Identity with an Application to Political Economy, Nation, Class and Redistribution. This paper was published in the American Political Science Review, Volume 103, Number 2 in May 2009, and in a recent book '21st Century Economics: Economic Ideas You Should Read and Remember', published in 2019 with editors Bruno Frey and Christopher Schaltegger, it was recommended to be read and remembered. We're not going to talk about the methodology today, we're going to assume that the listeners to this interview have read the paper and formed their views on the methodology which has been through the review process. What we're going to talk about are the implications, as you see them, of this research. Perhaps you could start by providing some context to the questions, the big questions you're seeking to address. Prof. Shayo: Thank you very much first of all, for having this talk with me. This paper is part of a bigger field that is called 'political economy', political economy is a field that deals with trying to understand the political constraints on economic policy. Old-fashioned public economics used to just look at what would be the ideal policy that a benevolent social planner would choose for this or that market, or this or that economy.

Social identity and political economy: nation, class, and redistribution

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