Audio Interview

How Mumsnet is run

Published on June 7, 2020   22 min

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Interviewer: Today I am speaking to Justine Roberts, founder and CEO of the successful website and community Mumsnet. Let me explain that we assume that before listening to this conversation, listeners have undertaken an extensive exploration of the Mumsnet website. We expect them also to have looked through Google, Wikipedia, LinkedIn and undertaken searches on Ms. Roberts and Mumsnet. In addition, we hope that business students will have read the accounts and other documents lodged by Mumsnet at the United Kingdom's Companies House. First of all Ms. Roberts, thank you very much for sparing the time to talk about Mumsnet today. Remembering that listeners have already done some homework, my first question is: how do you run the company, what do you actually do personally and how do you do it? Ms. Roberts: I have a leadership team of five people and together we set the strategy for the company, I view my job as being the holder of the founding vision and the mission, which is to make parents' lives easier. Our vision is to be the first place parents think of when they want to get advice online, and the first place that companies and organisations think of when they want to engage with and reach parents (in the UK). With regard to what I do, I spend most of my time on communications both internally and