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Moving beyond GDP: modernizing economic indicators

Published on June 25, 2023   29 min

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Interviewer: Today I'm interviewing Professor Jayati Ghosh, Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA, on our article in Project Syndicate of 16th to June 2022 titled, "Let's Count What Really Matters" that proposes countries track alternative metrics to GDP. Listeners are expected to have read the article before listening to this interview. Professor Ghosh, thank you for sparing the time. In your article you propose four metrics, the medium wage multiplied by the employment rate; the proportion of the population that can afford a nutritious diet; the distribution of time between paid work, unpaid work, and personal leisure and relational time; per capita carbon dioxide emissions. You conclude with the claim that: "public awareness of this revised view of reality could well mobilize support for fundamentally different policies at the national and international level". These are opinions of what ought to be done. How did you envision politicians are to be persuaded to do what is advocated? And how do you see them in turn, persuading their electorates to use these metrics to judge the politicians' performance and

Moving beyond GDP: modernizing economic indicators

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