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The influence of climate change debate on banking policies

Published on April 11, 2023   33 min

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Interviewer: Today I'm interviewing Sir Howard Davies on his article, "Central Bankers' Green Lines", published on 19th of January 2023 in Project Syndicate. Listeners are expected to have read the article before listening to this interview. Sir Howard is currently Chairman of the Natwest Group. He has previously been Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, Chairman of the UK Financial Services Authority and Professor of Practice at the Paris Institute of Political Studies. Sir Howard, thank you for sparing the time for this interview. In your article, you describe clearly the views of the two camps, the "we should act" and the "not for us to act", as well as the Bank of England's midway stance. What any central bank of a G20 member decides to do or not to do is of huge importance to businesses and anticipating changes in policy is perhaps even more important. I would like to explore two related aspects of the subject. One, where, how and by whom are debates on important subjects such as this, undertaken? How are hearts and minds won? Two, how should business leaders monitor progress in the debate and correctly anticipate the direction of travel at any time, the likely twists and turns and the final destination or destinations? May I start by asking, somewhat provocatively,

The influence of climate change debate on banking policies

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