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The European energy crisis

Published on June 12, 2023   25 min

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Interviewer: Today I'm interviewing Dr. Anders Aslund, Senior Fellow, at the Stockholm Free World Forum, and adjunct professor at Georgetown University, USA. A link to his biography and a list of his published books accompanies this interview. The subject is the great energy crisis facing European countries summarized in his article, the failure of European energy policy, published on first of September 2022 in Project Syndicate. Listeners are expected to have read the article prior to listening to this interview. Dr. Aslund, thank you for sparing the time today. In the article, you strongly advocate that the EU should take the lead and you suggest the list of actions they should take. As we all know, execution is often more challenging than planning. May I ask you to take us through what must be done, the challenges of doing what should be done, and the likelihood that what should be done will be done. Perhaps we can start with importing liquified natural gas and it's distribution across national frontiers. Dr. Aslund: Thank you. If we start with liquified and natural gas. At first, you need to have sufficient supply of it from sufficiently many sources. Then you need to have terminals available and you need to have pipelines within Europe so that it can be distributed within Europe.