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Measuring impact: how and why companies can meet demand for responsibility

Published on March 20, 2023   32 min

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Interviewer: Today I'm interviewing Dr. Lisa Hehenberger, Director of the ESADE Center for Social Impact and Professor of Strategy, ESADE Business School, about her and Christian Busch's article published on 27th July 2022 in MIT Sloan Review titled 'How to Evaluate the Impact of Corporate Purpose'. Links to Dr. Hehenberger's academic bio and the article accompany this interview. Listeners are expected to have read them before listening to the interview. Dr. Hehenberger, thank you for sparing the time. I would like, in particular, to probe your views on four components of the article. The assumption stated at the beginning, current thinking on how to undertake the measurements that are needed, the cost of doing so, and the size of companies you suggest should undertake these assessments. Is it just for the largest businesses? My I therefore, start by asking what hard evidence is there that most employees seek meaningful work, customers demand sustainable and traceable products, investors want companies to do good, and business leaders are redefining the purpose of their organisations. Dr. Hehenberger. Dr. Hehenberger: Thank you for those questions and I think those are really important questions. You can definitely get

Measuring impact: how and why companies can meet demand for responsibility

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