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Bureaucracy and innovation: the entrepreneurial state

Published on May 22, 2023   31 min

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Interviewer: Today I'm interviewing Prof. Rainer Kattel on his book, written with joint authors Professor Wolfgang Drechsler and Professor Erkki Karo: "How to make an entrepreneurial state, why innovation needs bureaucracy", published by Yale University Press in 2022. Listeners are expected to have read the book before listening to this interview. A link to Professor Kattel's biography accompanies this interview. Professor Kattel, thank you for sparing the time. Let me start by asking, for whom did you write this book? Prof. Kattel: Thanks Neil, and thanks for having me on your program. I think that the audience for this book is quite broad actually, so it's both the students of government, students of economic policy and students of politics, but it's also for the people who are actually working in government bureaucracy and government agencies. We may think about the ministries of industry, ministry of economy, and also people who work in government agencies like Innovate UK, here in the UK, that are supporting science, technology, and innovation. So, it's meant to be for a quite wider audience, rather than a specialized audience. Interviewer: Let me ask you this, something on style first, before we get to substance of the arguments that you put forward in it. It's a short book, but it's got quite a large number of very long sentences in, with subordinate clauses. Do you see this as a way that you can

Bureaucracy and innovation: the entrepreneurial state

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