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Managing networks in the digital age

Published on March 8, 2022   38 min

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Interviewer: Today, 5th of October, 2021, I'm speaking to Professor Linda Hill, the Wallace Brett Dunham Professor of Business Administration and Chair of the Leadership Initiative at Harvard Business School. Together with Kent Lineback, Linda Hill is author of the book, 'Being the Boss: The 3 Imperative for Becoming a Great Leader', published by Harvard Business Review Press. It's anticipated that listeners have either read or currently reading the book. Professor Hill, in the book, you describe what you claim are three interrelated imperatives. Manage yourself, manage your network, manage your team. Today with your permission, I would like to explore the second in the list in what has been called the new digital age. Manage your network. Who should be doing what and how? Prof. Hill: It's a pleasure to be here with you. I'm happy to explore managing your network with you. I'd like to put it into context. I would like to say a little bit of how it fits with the other two to begin, if that's appropriate. Interviewer: Please do so. Prof. Hill: One of the things we learned when we were doing research on what it takes to build an innovative organization, is that that network piece is quite critical to building an organization that is agile. We also learned over time looking at high potentials who are trying to learn how to lead and take on more scale and scope. One of the reasons they derail is they don't manage the network piece. As a consequence of research in those two areas, I began to think that we needed to reconceptualize how we thought about leadership.