All Experts in Global Business Management


Prof. Ilan Alon
School of Economics, College of Management, Israel
Dr. Allen C. Amason
Georgia Southern University, USA
Prof. Meryem Duygun
Aviva Chair in Risk and Insurance, Nottingham University Business School, UK
Dr. Vasilii Erokhin
Harbin Engineering University, China
Prof. Colin Fisher
Nottingham Business School, UK
Dr. Sue Greener
University of Brighton, UK
Prof. Anil K. Gupta
University of Maryland, USA
Prof. Jaishri Jethwaney
Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, India
Prof. Dave Ketchen
Auburn University, USA
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
University of Nottingham, UK
Mr. Rob McCusker
The Australian Institute of Criminology, Australia
Prof. Stan Paliwoda
Professor of Marketing, University of Strathclyde, UK
Dr. Darren Prokop
University of Alaska Anchorage, USA
Prof. Donald E. Sexton
Columbia University, USA
Prof. Jeremy Short
University of North Texas, USA
Dr. Manj Subiah
Executive Coach, South Africa
Prof. Andrew Ward
Lehigh University, USA


Prof. Jay Albanese
Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Prof. Gayle Allard
IE Business School, Spain
Mr. Holger Ambroselli
CEO, Conzepta GmbH, Italy and CEO, Conceptual Branding, The Netherlands
Dr. Alessia A. Amighini
Università del Piemonte Orientale, Italy
Dr. Tim Andrews
Senior Lecturer, University of Strathclyde, UK
Prof. Søren Askegaard
University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Mr. Rob Baldry
Seabrook Marketing Ltd, UK
Prof. Bobby Banerjee
College of Business, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Dr. Madhumita Banerjee
Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Warwick, UK
Prof. Christopher Barrett
Cornell University, USA
Dr. Sumon Bhaumik
Aston Business School, UK
Dr. Lakhdar Boukersi
Principal Lecturer in Marketing and International Marketing, London South Bank University, UK
Dr. Mehdi Boussebaa
University of Bath School of Management
Prof. Malin Brännback
Chair of International Business, Åbo Akademi, Finland
Dr. Vanessa Bretas
University of Agder, Norway
Prof. Peter J. Buckley
Leeds University Business School, UK
Prof. Nick Butler
Kings College London, UK
Dr. Kim Cameron
University of Michigan, USA
Prof. Julian Chang
Tsinghua University, China
Dr. Hadi Chapardar
MacEwan University, Canada
Dr. Vidhi A. Chaudhri
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Dr. Junsong Chen
Lecturer in Marketing, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), China
Prof. Henry Chesbrough
Luiss Guido Carli University, Italy
Dr. Francis Cholle
Founder and CEO of The Human Company, USA
Dr. Mona Chung
Cross Culture International, Australia
Ms. Louise Congdon
Managing Partner, York Aviation, UK
Dr. Dave Crick
Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand
Dr. Hendrik Cronje
LeadAfrika Founder, South Africa
Dr. Michael Czinkota
Associate Professor, Georgetown University, USA
Dr. Marieke de Mooij
Cross-Cultural Communications Consultancy, The Netherlands
Prof. Ping Deng
Maryville University, USA
Prof. Timothy Devinney
University of Leeds, UK
Dr. Spinder Dhaliwal
University of Westminster, UK
Prof. Larry Diamond
Stanford University, USA
Dr. Andrea Di Nicola
University of Trento and Transcrime, Italy
Dr. Keith Dinnie
Associate Professor of Business, Temple University, Japan
Prof. Tom Donnelly
Coventry University, UK
Prof. Rafiq Dossani
Stanford University, USA
Dr. Rafael Echevarne
Independent Consultant, Spain
Dr. Tinkuma Edafioghor
UWE Bristol, UK
Prof. Peter Eddey
Provost, Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC), Australia
Dr. Lorraine Elliott
Australian National University, Australia
Dr. Bill Emmott
Co-director, Global Commission for Post-Pandemic Policy, Ireland
Prof. Peter Enderwick
Head, Department of International Management, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Dr. Vasilii Erokhin
Harbin Engineering University, China
Prof. Marcel Fafchamps
Stanford University, USA
Dr. Elaine Farndale
Pennsylvania State University, USA & Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Prof. Colin Fisher
Nottingham Business School, UK
Prof. Dennis O. Flynn
University of the Pacific, USA
Prof. Daniel S. Fogel
Director of the Graduate Programs in Sustainability, Wake Forest University, USA
Mr. Shaun Frankson
Plastic Bank Co-founder, Canada
Dr. Laurie Garrow
Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Prof. Paul Glewwe
University of Minnesota, USA
Mr. Martin Glisby
Chief Strategy Officer, Ole Lynggaard, Denmark and Director, Glisby Holden & Associates, UK
Prof. Ian Goldin
University of Oxford, UK
Dr. Ismail Golgeci
Aarhus University, Denmark
Prof. Jean-Pascal Gond
Cass Business School, UK
Prof. Peter Grabosky
Australian National University, Australia
Dr. Stephen Grainger
Global Education Pathways, Australia
Prof. Robert Grant
Bocconi University, Italy
Prof. Azzim Gulamhussen
Vlerick Business School, Belgium
Prof. Ranjay Gulati
Harvard Business School, USA
Prof. Anil K. Gupta
University of Maryland, USA
Dr. Suraksha Gupta
Lecturer, Brunel University, UK
Prof. Sam Hariharan
Babson College, USA
Prof. Xiaohong He
Quinnipiac University, USA
Ms. Massiel C. Henríquez Parodi
University of Udine, Italy and University of Agder, Norway
Mr. George R. Hoguet
CFA, FRM Global Investment Strategist, State Street Global Advisors (SSgA), USA
Prof. Nigel Holden
Professor of Cross-Cultural Management, UCLAN, UK
Prof. Kevin Ibeh
Pro Vice Master (International), Birkbeck, University of London, UK
Dr. Fabio Indeo
NATO Defense College Foundation, Italy
Dr. Karl Isler
Head of Operations Research and Strategy, Revenue Management, Pricing and Distribution Department, Swiss International Airlines, Switzerland
Dr. Kevin James
Dean of North Carolina A&T University Business School, USA
Prof. James P. Johnson
Rollins College, USA
Prof. Lynn R. Kahle
University of Oregon, USA
Mr. Michael Keller
Center for Competitiveness, Fribourg University, Switzerland
Prof. Dave Ketchen
Auburn University, USA
Mr. Paul Kitchin
Lecturer in Sport Mangement, London Metropolitan University, UK
Dr. Emmanuel Kodzi
Rollins College, USA
Prof. Konstantin Korotov
European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Germany
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
University of Nottingham, UK
Dr. Thomas D. Lairson
Gelbman Professor of International Business, Rollins College, USA
Dr. Curtis LeBaron
Brigham Young University, USA
Prof. Donald J. Lewis
University of San Francisco, USA
Mr. Hao Liang
Center for Economic Research, Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Dr. Wei Liang
Graduate School of International Policy and Management, Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA
Dr. Jake Lin
Bielefeld University, Germany
Dr. Yi-peng Liu
Kent Business School, University of Kent, UK
Mr. Ian Lowden
Managing Director, RDG Solutions, UK
Prof. Daniel Mabrey
Sam Houston State University, USA
Dr. Simon Mackenzie
The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, University of Glasgow, UK
Prof. D. John Mangan
University of Newcastle, UK
Prof. Andrew McAuley
Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic) Southern Cross University, Australia
Mr. Rob McCusker
The Australian Institute of Criminology, Australia
Dr. Michael McDermott
Assistant Professor, Northern Kentucky University, USA
Mr. Alan McQuillan
Former Director, UK Assets Recovery Agency, UK
Prof. T.C. Melewar
Professor of Marketing and Strategy, Brunel University, UK
Prof. Anand Menon
King’s College, UK
Dr. Jane Menzies
Deakin University, Australia
Ms. Silke Meyer
Griffith University, Australia
Prof. Mukti Mishra
Centurion University of Technology and Management, India
Ms. Diana Moise
Public International Law Advisory Group, UK
Prof. Philip Molyneux
Bangor University, UK
Prof. Karl Moore
Associate Professor, Globalization and Leadership, McGill University, Canada, Associate Fellow, Green Templeton College, Oxford University, UK
Prof. Luiz Moutinho
Professor of Marketing, University of Glasgow, UK
Dr. Deepraj Mukherjee
Kent State University, USA
Ms. Stacey Mumbower
Graduate Research Assistant, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Prof. Hedi Nasheri
Kent State University, USA
Prof. Piet Naude
Director, University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa
Prof. David Nelken
University of Macerata, Italy
Dr. Werner Nussbaum
Innovation Second Pillar, Switzerland
Prof. Joseph S. Nye Jr.
Harvard Kennedy School, USA
Prof. Stan Paliwoda
Professor of Marketing, University of Strathclyde, UK
Prof. Andrei Panibratov
St. Petersburg State University, Russia
Dr. Nicolas Papadopoulos
Chancellor’s Professor and Professor of Marketing and International Business, Carleton University, Canada
Prof. Nikos Passas
Northeastern University, USA
Prof. Lisa Peñaloza
Kedge Business School, France
Dr. Ricardo Pino
Centrum PUCP, Peru
Dr. Stefan Poelt
Head of Revenue Management and Pricing Tools, Lufthansa German Airlines, Germany
Dr. David J. Pollard
Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
Dr. Mandeep Rai
Journalist, author, and speaker, UK
Prof. U. Srinivasa Rangan
Babson College, USA
Dr. Patricia Rawlinson
London School of Economics, UK
Prof. David Reid
Seattle University, USA
Dr. Bing Ren
Professor of Management, Business School of Nankai University, China
Ms. Laura Ries
Ries & Ries, USA
Prof. Stephen Roddy
University of San Francisco, USA
Prof. Barry Rodger
Professor of Law, The Law School, University of Strathclyde, UK
Mr. Martin Roll
Venture Republic, Singapore
Dr. Donald Rosenfield
Sloan School of Management, MIT, USA
Dr. Lawrence Sáez
The School of Oriental and African Studies, UK
Prof. Jeswald W. Salacuse
Tufts University, USA
Dr. Julie Schaffner
Tufts University, USA
Dr. Francis Schortgen
University of Mount Union, USA
Dr. Yun Schüler-Zhou
GIGA Institute of Asian Studies, Germany
Prof. Don E. Schultz
Professor Emeritus (In-Service), Medill School, Northwestern University, USA
Dr. Habte G. Selassie
Senior Lecturer, University of Bedfordshire, UK
Mr. John M. Sellar
CITES Secretariat, Switzerland
Mr. Alain Sepulchre
McKinsey & Company, Hong Kong and France
Prof. Louise Shelley
George Mason University, USA
Dr. Xiaobai Shen
Edinburgh Business School, UK
Mr. Jim Sherlock
Trainer and Consultant, UK
Prof. Jagdish N. Sheth
Emory University, USA
Dr. Lisa Qixun Siebers
Nottingham Trent University, UK
Prof. Dina Siegel
Utrecht University and Willem Pompe Institute, The Netherlands
Mr. Arvind Singhal
Chairman, KSA-Technopak, India
Prof. Jai B. P. Sinha
Assert Institute of Management Studies, India
Ms. Elizabeth Smart
Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, USA
Mr. Chris Smit
Managing Partner , Culture Matters, Belgium
Prof. Giuseppe Soda
Dean, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy
Mr. Mariusz Soltanifar
Hanze International Business School, The Netherlands
Prof. Andre Spicer
Cass Business School, UK
Mr. Julian Stodd
Author and Captain at Sea Salt Learning, UK
Ms. Rachel Stohl
Center for Defense Information at the World Security Institute, Washington DC, USA
Prof. Jiaming Sun
Fudan University, China and Texas A&M University, USA
Dr. Kyra Leigh Sutton
Rutgers University, USA
Prof. Stephen Tallman
University of Richmond, USA
Prof. Helene Tenzer
LMU Munich School of Management, Germany
Dr. Paz Estrella Tolentino
Birkbeck, University of London, UK
Prof. Mariano Torras
Adelphi University, USA
Prof. Daneel van Lill
Executive Dean, University of Johannesburg, College of Business and Economics, South Africa
Mr. Ynzo van Zanten
Tony’s Chocolonely, The Netherlands
Dr. Nükhet Vardar
Founder, El Izi Communications Consultancy, UK
Prof. Gregory Veeck
Western Michigan University, USA
Dr. Klaus von Lampe
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Prof. Demetris Vrontis
Professor of Marketing and Dean of the School of Business, University of Nicosia, Cyprus
Dr. Thomas Wahl
Dean, School of Business, Society and Engineering, Mälardalen University, Sweden
Prof. Dr. William Hua Wang
China Area Manager, Euromed Management, Kedge Business School, France
Prof. Richard Ward
Sam Houston State University, USA
Mr. John Weatherill
Regional Vice President, Europe InterVISTAS-EU Consulting, Canada
Prof. Elke Weber
Princeton University, USA
Prof. Shang-Jin Wei
Columbia University, USA
Prof. William Wei
MacEwan University, Canada
Mr. Granville Williams
Project Director, Media Ownership in the Age of Convergence with the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting, UK
Prof. Phil Williams
University of Pittsburgh, USA
Ms. Avivah Wittenberg-Cox
CEO 20-first, UK
Mr. Martin Wolf
Financial Times, UK
Prof. Xiaobo Wu
Zhejiang University, China
Prof. Xiaohua Yang
University of San Francisco, USA
Dr. Ian Yeoman
Associate Professor of Tourism Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Prof. George S. Yip
Imperial College Business School, UK
Dr. Lyudmila Zaitseva
Division of Physics and Biophysics, University of Salzburg, Austria
Prof. Sheldon Zhang
San Diego State University, USA
Prof. Wenxian Zhang
Rollins College, USA
Ms. Mariana Zhong
Dechert LLP, China