Prof. Barry Rodger Professor of Law, The Law School, University of Strathclyde, UK

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Barry Rodger has been an academic at Strathclyde University Law School since 1993 and has been a Professor there since 2001. Professor Rodger has published widely in competition law. His co-authored textbook (with A MacCulloch) Competition Law and Policy in the EC and UK (Cavendish) is in its fourth edition... read moreand he has published numerous articles in journals such as the European Competition Law Review, Columbia Journal of European Law, The Common Market Law Review, the Juridical Review, the Irish Journal of European law and World Competition. A collection of essays entitled 'Ten Years of UK Competition Law reform' that he has edited is due to be published by Dundee University Press in 2010. Professor Rodger is a member of the organizing committee of the Scottish Competition Law Forum and is the Vice-Chair of the Competition Law Scholars' Forum and co-editor of the Competition Law Review.