Prof. Tom Donnelly Coventry University, UK

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Tom Donnelly is Professor of Automotive Business at Coventry University, UK. Prof. Donnelly gained his BA at Strathclyde University, Glasgow and his Ph.D at the University of Aberdeen. He has been lecturer, senior lecturer, principal lecturer and subsequently Professor at Coventry University for many years where he has taught Economic... read moreHistory, Economics and Strategic Management in the Business School. Professor Donnelly also served as Director of International MBA programmes and was Head of the Departments of Business and Management respectively for a number of years. He has authored/co-authored five books, edited another two and is an Associate Editor of the Dictionary of National Biography (UK). Additionally, he has published many articles in a range of academic journals. Finally, he has been Visiting Professor at the University of Caen, France, the University of Applied Sciences, Finland, the University of Opava, Czech Republic and at ESCCA in Angers, France.