Prof. Dr. William Hua Wang China Area Manager, Euromed Management, Kedge Business School, France

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Hua Wang is an associate professor of Innovation Management and Managerial Economics at Euromed Management, KEDGE Business School, France. He also teaches Doing business in China and Global strategy in emerging economies for Executive MBA students from Manchester Business School (UK), Baltic Management Institute (Lithuania), Louvain School of Management (Belgium),... read moreShanghai Jiaotong University (China), and executives from corporate or institutions like SAP, Volvo, Bosch, Intel, Turin Chamber of Commerce, Indian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, China Business News, among the others. Prof. Dr. Wang received a PhD from Université Pierre Mendes France, in France. His research interests centre on the innovation management, foreign direct investment, clusters and metropolitans, globalisation strategy of Chinese companies, and the automotive industry in China. He is also the program director of AEMBA (including MBA and EMBA programs), jointly organized by Shanghai Jiaotong University, Antai Colledge of Economics and Management and Euromed Management.