Dr. Nükhet Vardar Founder, El Izi Communications Consultancy, UK

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Dr. Vardar has been studying and practising international marketing and advertising since 1983. After receiving her PhD in international advertising from UMIST, UK in 1990, she worked in international ad and media agencies as a professional while continuing to pursue academic degrees. In 2002 she returned to academia at Yeditepe... read moreUniversity, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Istanbul, Turkey where she received a professorship in marketing. She is continuing to give consultancy at her own El Izi Comm. Consultancy, Turkey since 2002. Dr. Vardar also started her company’s UK subsidiary - El Izi Communications Consultancy UK Limited at the end of 2016 to start a novel e-learning project in the UK, dividing her time between London and Istanbul.