Dr. Mona Chung Deakin University, Australia

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Mona Chung (Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University) is a well sought after expert in doing business with Chinese. She addresses the major issue in doing business with China - overcoming the cultural gap. The vast cultural differences between the west and China have left many companies with a loss of... read morelarge financial investments. Dr. Chung specialises in strategic planning, management and marketing practice for international organisations with the understanding of the culture of Chinese market first. As a bi-cultural person she short-circuits processes and produces results that increase efficiency. Dr. Chung is a frequent guest speaker at public forums and is the author of an extensive list of publications in cross-cultural business including "Shanghaied: Why Foster's could not survive China studies"; "Doing business successfully in China" and "Doing business in China: getting ready for the Asia Century". Dr. Chung teaches international business, management and marketing at Deakin University Australia. Dr. Chung is a board member of a number of organisations and a member of the executive committee of Australia China Business Council Victorian branch.