Periodic Reports: Advances in Clinical Interventions and Research Platforms

Launched August 2017 Updated June 2024 91 lectures

Talks in this series review recent advances in therapeutic intervention, diagnostics, prophylaxis and research platforms. Speakers are members of leading research groups that focus, in each case, on the subject matter of the talk. Reviews are added to the collection monthly and particularly fast-moving fields are covered more than once... read morea year.
The remit of speakers is to cover advances made worldwide and not to restrict the review to the work being pursued in their own groups. They are encouraged to discuss both the advances made and the implications, as they perceive them, of those advances.
Biomedical scientists involved in drug development, clinical trials, medical affairs and underlying basic research should find these reports useful in understanding the broad context within which developments are taking place.

Cancer and Oncology (15 Lectures)  

Clinical Practice (11 Lectures)  

Neurology and Neuroscience (9 Lectures)  

Pharmaceutical Sciences (16 Lectures)