Drug Metabolizing EnzymesFundamentals, Study Methods, Recent Advances and Clinical Significance

Launched October 2007 Updated June 2023 31 lectures
Prof. Ann Daly
Newcastle University, UK

Our understanding of human drug metabolism has increased greatly over the past 10 years. In particular, X-ray structures for several key cytochrome P450 enzymes are now available, there is considerable understanding of the mechanisms by which expression of drug metabolizing enzymes is regulated including induction mechanisms and the genetic basis... read moreof interindividual variation in levels of expression and catalytic activity of a number of the enzymes is well understood. These advances, coupled with improved methods both for predicting metabolism in silico and for laboratory based studies, mean that information on metabolism can become available earlier than previously in the drug development process.

This series has been designed to include an introduction to drug metabolism, as well as the latest advances by eminent researchers in the field. There is a strong emphasis on human studies since the majority of recent progress has been in this area which is also the most important in relation to drug development.

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