Published on October 1, 2007 Archived on June 29, 2023   53 min

A selection of talks on Cardiovascular & Metabolic

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Hello! My name is Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg. I am a professor at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. And I will talk to you about Pharmacogenomics.
The personalized medicine era is coming, and it's very important to individualize the drug therapy to comply with the genetics and the conditions of the individual patient. The most important variables to take into consideration are the genetic variation where genes encoding, drug metabolism, drug transport, and drug targets vary between individuals. By knowing the differences between two individuals in the gene composition, we can adjust the drug dosage and the choice of the drug to comply with the requisites by the patient in question. Other parts of the personalized medicine to take into consideration are the epigenetic variation, also which is very important is drug interactions. People taking many drugs simultaneously cannot be aware of that they interact with each other and make complications in the drug treatment. An example of that is exerted by adverse drug reactions. Personalized medicine has also to take into account the health factors of the patient, particular pathophysiology, the patient's BMI, the age, the lifestyle. The gender is not very important for drug therapy differences. And there are some differences, but they are not as large as the other variables that are important for personalized medicine. To monitor the changes and the situation in a particular patient, we can take biomarkers from blood, tissues, etc... and measure somatic mutations coming from the tumors or other kinds of circulating biomarkers that give us a view of the situation in the patient.