Monitoring, evaluation, research, learning and adapting for NTD programs

Published on January 31, 2024   19 min

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Hello, my name is Katie Zoerhoff and I serve as the Director of a Neglected Tropical Disease Data Center at the Task Force for Global Health. Today, I'm going to share with you about monitoring, evaluation, research, learning, and adapting, or MERLA for Neglected Tropical Disease programs.
During this presentation, I'll talk about why we should focus on monitoring and evaluation, or M&E, for NTDs and the shift from M&E to MERLA. I'll then discuss key indicators for NTDs and walk through key activities along the data pipeline such as data collection, data storage, validation, analysis and synthesis, and data dissemination and use. I'll then wrap up with key take-home messages and acknowledgments. I want to recognize that many of the concepts included in this presentation are drawn from WHO's M&A framework that accompanies the 2030 roadmap, ending the neglect to attain sustainable development goals- a framework for monitoring and evaluating the progress of the roadmap through neglected tropical diseases, 2021-2030.
First, why should we focus on monitoring and evaluation for NTDs?
There are substantial gaps in monitoring evaluation for each NTD as identified through various technical consultations and reported in WHO's 2030 roadmap for NTDs. You can see here on this slide that no disease was classified as green for not having any hindrances toward the targets. 11 of the 24 required critical action to be able to adequately implement M&E as of 2020. These gaps make it really difficult for communities, national NTD programs, and the global community to measure progress toward disease, eradication, elimination, and control, and to take steps to accelerate that progress.

Monitoring, evaluation, research, learning and adapting for NTD programs

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