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The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak: October 2020 update

Published on October 1, 2020   12 min

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Interviewer: Professor Temte, thank you for taking the time today to do this update interview on the changes in epidemiology over the summer from your last interview in May. Could you please start with some of the main changes which have occurred since May? Prof. Temte: It really depends where you look. For example, across the United States, we have seen that there have been successive waves of this virus which are related to changes in behavior of our population. We've seen an upswing early on, response by social distancing, masking, bringing it back under control. The occurrence of holidays where people get together and trigger off increasing cases and then coming back down again. Now, as we enter the autumn with resumption of university and kindergarten through 12th grade education, we're finding acceleration yet again. But this is really different, for example, than what we have seen in Australia, where there was a very large initial wave and then dropping down but coming back up again during the southern hemisphere winter. I think it really depends on the location, the behavior of individuals in that location, and probably the seasonal temperature, humidity, and other factors that go throughout the year. One of the other important changes that we are realizing that compared

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak: October 2020 update

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