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The development of therapeutic antibodies against oncogenic antigens

Published on September 16, 2020   15 min

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Interviewer: Professor Seon, thank you very much for taking the time to record this interview with us today. So my first question is, what has happened since the recording of your talk on human tumor antigens as therapeutic targets of cancer, with regards to the clinical applications of the relevant discoveries from your lab? Professor Seon: Since my last talk on TRC105, we made substantial progress in the sense of patient therapy. So today, I'm going to talk about two anti-cancer antibodies developed in my laboratory, and tested in many trials of cancer patients. One is TRC105, the other one is Carotuximab vedotin. Carotuximab vedotin is a drug conjugate. So, I'm going to talk about these two different antibodies. First, TRC105 is a human/mouse chimeric monoclonal antibody, therefore it's termed TRC105. They were generated in my laboratory and licensed to Tracon Pharma, it's a small company in San Diego. Now, TRC105 reacts with endocrine. That is strongly expressed on the surface of proliferating endothelial cells of tumor blood vessels. Also, it reacted with a certain type of tumor cells such as

The development of therapeutic antibodies against oncogenic antigens

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