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Opposition to vaccination: a transatlantic discussion

Published on May 30, 2018   27 min

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Interviewer: Hello Jonathan. I'm Terry Matthews. I'm a retired pediatrician and it's going to be a pleasure to talk to you today, on what I believe is the very important topic of immunization, particularly of our children. One aspect that's interested me and I think is particularly relevant at the moment, is the reasons that parents refuse to have their children vaccinated, a group which I think you call anti-vaccines. We do have a particular problem in Europe at the moment as particularly measles cases have risen by 300% in Europe over the last year, as parents right across the continent have shunned all vaccines, and we have got a bit of an outbreak at the moment with more than 20,000 people affected over the course from a record low in the recent past, and involving 35 deaths. Large number of countries involved but particularly Romania and Italy, and immunization policies do seem to be fading. I wonder John, what you thought were the most important reasons why this was the case? Prof. Temte: Well, it turns out that I started my morning checking the news on the Internet. One of the first stories that popped up was the high number of cases across Europe of measles. The situation across Europe right now with the large number of cases of measles is emblematic of a central theme. Parents are concerned about safety for their children. We currently live at a time when

Opposition to vaccination: a transatlantic discussion

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