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Prescribing medications to children - a GP’s view

Published on April 1, 2018   16 min

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Interviewer: Hello Amanda thanks for being available today to talk about problems with medication in children. As an active general practitioner, you must be dealing with the issue of prescribing medications a lot in your practice. Can you tell us what sort of general problems you meet with in terms of prescribing medication for children? Dr. Simmons: Absolutely. It's something obviously that we are coming across on a frequent basis as GPs and we really don't want to be prescribing for children unless it's definitely indicated. But the main issue is I guess that we come across are firstly compliance with medication, you know, with a course of antibiotics. For example is a child taking and completing the antibiotic, side effects of the medication is a problem that we often encounter, and also understanding from the parents of exactly how to administer the medication or actually problems with how they are administering it. For instance, a crying baby that doesn't understand, with a temperature, that they need to swallow the antibiotics. And these are all problems that we frequently come across. Interviewer: Right. One of the things that I worry about with children that come to the hospital having been seen in

Prescribing medications to children - a GP’s view

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