Vaccine delivery

Published on April 30, 2019   52 min

Other Talks in the Series: Drug Delivery

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Hello. I'm Professor Sevda Senel from Hacettepe University Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, which is based in Ankara, Turkey. Today, I will give you a brief introduction on vaccine delivery science, which is my main research area.
In my presentation, I will first give a brief introduction to immunization; then, I will talk about vaccine formulation ingredients and types of antigens, and, also, how we deliver these vaccines, which routes we use, and which delivery systems we use for vaccine preparations. The adjuvants, which are most important for vaccine delivery I will go into much deeper detail, and I will give some examples of the approved adjuvants, and, also, mention about their mechanisms. Finally, I will very briefly mention about the different approaches to obtain vaccine antigens, which are edible plant-based vaccines. In my presentation, I will talk only on prophylactic vaccines but, we know that there are therapeutic vaccines. I will give a very brief introduction and information about the therapeutic vaccines as well, and finally, I will conclude on how to have a successful vaccine formulation.