Humoral innate immunity and the acute phase response 2

Published on December 18, 2012 Updated on August 31, 2016   42 min

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Other Talks in the Series: Innate Immunity

Another class of components of the humoral innate immunity is represented by pentraxins. And here, I will focus my attention on pentraxin 3, PTX3. PTX3 was originally cloned in a gene fishing expedition as in IL-1, or LPS, or TNF inducible gene.
This slide is a schematic representation of the extraction of PTX3, its genomic organization, transcript, and protein. And the molecule was cloned by us. And we cloned a mouse and the human cDNA in genomic and characterized the promoter. PTX3 is a soluble protein consisting of a pentraxin domain encoded by the third exon, coupled with an unrelated and terminal portion. The model here suggests the pentraxin domain holds with a jelly-roll type of the topology. As other pentraxins, PTX3 forms multimers, but in contrast to the classic short pentraxins, which form a pentamer, PTX3 is organized as an octamer. And intra and inter-chain disulfide bridges play a key role in the multimeric organization of PTX3.

Humoral innate immunity and the acute phase response 2

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