Genetics and management of inherited cancer predisposition 1

Published on February 29, 2016   25 min

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JOSHUA SHIFFMAN: Hello. My name is Joshua Shiffman. I am a pediatric oncologist at the University of Utah, where I take care of patients with hereditary cancer syndromes as well as do research in the field.
Today, we're going to talk about the importance of family history. We will cover several of the more common hereditary cancer syndromes including, GI cancers, breast cancers, Li-Fraumeni Syndrome, Paraganglioma and VHL syndromes. And finally, we'll end with some brief discussion about research in the field of hereditary cancers specifically related to comparative oncology.
Cancer is quite common. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of death around the world, and 15 people will die from cancer every minute. Half of all men and a third of all women will develop cancer throughout their lifetime. This makes the study of cancer and the risk for cancer quite relative to disease and impact on human health.

Genetics and management of inherited cancer predisposition 1

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