The genetics of glioblastoma

Published on December 31, 2015   26 min

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Hello and welcome to this talk entitled The Genetics of Glioblastoma as part of the Henry Stewart Talks on the genetics of cancers. My name is Dr. Hai Yan. I am the Henry Friedman Professor of Neuro Oncology at Duke University where I reside as a member of the Department of Pathology under Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center.
It is my privilege to discuss this content matter with you today that honors the work of people before me such as doctors Henry Friedman, Darell Bigner, Bert Vogelstein and many other major contributors to the field of brain cancer research. Naturally, I will also include some summaries of some of the work I have contributed to this important field. This work outlines the approach many scientists take to making further discoveries for aid in understanding and the treatment of what is a terribly deadly disease. Let's get started.