Lymphatic drainage of the breast

Published on December 31, 2023   42 min

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I am Dr. Banumathy anatomist from Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. Today we shall discuss the Lymphatic Drainage of Breast.
Breast are hemispherical swellings situated in the pectoral region, one on either side of midline. They are rudimentary in males, they develop after puberty in the females. It is a secondary sexual character in females, they secrete milk after childbirth.
The skin presents the pigmented circular areola and the conical elevation nipple in the center. The superficial fascia splits to enclose the mammary gland. The gland is a modified sweat gland, it is an exocrine gland drained by ducts and also an apocrine gland where a part of the cell is sent out as secretial. Deep to the gland is the deep layer of superficial fascia and deep fascia or pectoral fascia. The pectoral fascia covers the pectoralis major muscle.
Carcinoma breast is a common clinical condition. The carcinomatous breast cells spread mostly through the lymphatics. Hence, lymphatic drainage of breast becomes important. Lymphatic drainage of breast is complex, extensive, and variable. To have a better understanding of the lymphatic drainage and knowledge of the anatomy of the breast becomes essential. First, we shall see the anatomy of the breast.