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Precision cancer medicine: development and future

Published on April 14, 2020   21 min

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Interviewer: Professor Markman, thank you for sparing the time today, we're going to be discussing the current status and future direction of precision cancer medicine. First of all, let me let you set out your stall. What is the current state and what are the future directions? Prof. Markman: I think the one of the most important aspects of this topic is a definition of what we mean, or to be clearer since I am speaking what I mean, when I use the term 'precision cancer medicine'. I am referring to a basic process (I've used this term in in my writing), not an event. We will not at some point declare, for example, that we're now in the era of precision cancer medicine because a particular trial has shown that using a molecular target with a drug has been effective and that means precision cancer medicine is here. That's an event, that's the end of a trial, it's an outcome. That is not what precision cancer medicine is to me, what precision cancer medicine is to me (and is I believe a correct definition) is an approach, both in terms of what we're doing now in our clinical research, but increasingly importantly in the standard of care for

Precision cancer medicine: development and future

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