Obesity and asthma

Published on November 30, 2015   43 min

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The subject to my talk today is "Obesity and Asthma." My name is Dr. Anne Dixon. I'm Professor of Medicine and Director of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Vermont.
To outline what I'm gonna talk about today, I'm gonna talk about the epidemiology linking obesity and asthma. I will then go on to talk about how obesity affects the clinical presentation of asthma, and particularly what it does to asthma control, and how it affects response to medications. I will discuss the data that we have regarding the efficacy of weight loss for the treatment of asthma in obesity, and what that revealed to us about the phenotypes of asthma in obesity, that I think this provides important insight into the mechanistic basis of asthma in patients who are obese. Finally, I will discuss the role of some of the co-morbidities we see in patients who are obese and the effect that those have on asthma.
It's well-known that there is a major obesity epidemic that is now worldwide. The slide I'm showing you here shows data from the World Health Organization. Obese women over the age of 15 are in the top figure, obese men are in the bottom figure. There's clearly an epidemic particularly affecting North America and South America, but is also very common in the Middle East, Australia and the countries of Polynesia. This is really becoming a worldwide epidemic.