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Other Talks in the Series: Obesity: Science, Medicine and Society

My name is Dr. Samantha Scholtz. I am a consultant liaison psychiatrist, and I work in the Imperial Weight Centre in Saint Mary's Hospital seeing patients before and after bariatric surgery. I'm going to be speaking today about obesity and the interaction between obesity and psychology and the psychiatry field.
Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the UK.
Approximately 25 percent of the population falls within the obese category and 66 percent falls within the overweight category.
The foresight report from 2009 commissioned by the Department of Health showed that by 2050 should there be no change in the current trends, we would expect that approximately 60 percent of the population would fall within the obese category. What this tells me is not so much that there is a problem with obesity on an individual level, but that as a society we are living within an obesogenic environment which is creating a problem of obesity on an individual level.