A selection of talks on Clinical Practice

I'm Nancy Carteron, a physician and researcher affiliated with the University of California, both Berkeley and San Francisco. The topic of the talk today is Sjögren's syndrome. In the first part of our talk we will focus on a gentle introduction, and start with the overall clinical spectrum, through pulmonary. For the second part of the talk, we'll pick up and continue to focus on the clinical spectrum, but highlighting systemic manifestations, beginning with lymphoproliferative disorders.
My disclosures are on this slide. I'm involved in data monitoring committees for several Sjögren's syndrome clinical trials, primarily with Bristol Myers Squibb, also I'm a medical reviewer and consultant for an online health education company, Healthline, and there will be off-label use of medications discussed in this talk.
The outline is shown here, a general overview of Sjogren's. There's a wide clinical spectrum in the disease, and we will highlight pulmonary manifestations, lymphoproliferative disease, vasculitis, gynecology and pregnancy issues, specifically congenital heart block, and neuropathy. We'll also talk a little bit about immune-related adverse events of checkpoint inhibitors, as there have been syndromes described that appear to be Sjögren's, but are more likely Sjögren's-related, and we'll touch on that later in the talk. Then I'll briefly outline the various clinical development programs that are actively ongoing for systemic manifestations of Sjögren's. At the end of the presentation there is a list of resources available, both to help guide practitioners and provide resources for their patients, and a selected reference list for your review.