AutoimmunityEtiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestation and diagnostic methodologies

Launched October 2007 Updated April 2022 43 lectures

It is estimated that 20% of the World population suffers from one of the 80 recognized autoimmune diseases. The American Congress has recognized autoimmune disease as one of the five major causes of morbidity and mortality, especially in young women of child bearing age. The last decade was characterized by... read morerevolutionary developments in our understanding of the etiology and pathogenesis of the diseases and identified novel therapeutic approaches. The new treatments have resulted in more patients being in a state of remission and not suffering constant joint deformations or systemic organ affliction.

Twenty eight world leaders in autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases have been selected to deliver annotated PowerPoint slide presentations reflecting their experience in the three aspects of autoimmunity – etiology, pathogenesis and therapy. In some lectures, diseases are discussed (e.g. cAPS), in others a common pathogenic process e.g. primary pulmonary hypertension, which is common to many autoimmune rheumatic diseases (AIRD), is described. Some talks address the more advanced biological therapies in AIRD – anti-TNFα, Il-6, Rithuximabe, anti-Blys, etc. The two arms of the immune system, B and T cells, involved in autoimmunity will be discussed including the effects of different cytokines, chemokines and their inhibitors.

The series is divided into three separate parts which will stand alone as separate series:
• Autoimmune Diseases: Advances in the Understanding of Etiology
• Autoimmune Diseases: Advances in the Understanding of Pathogenesis and Clinical Manifestation
• Autoimmune Diseases: Advances in Diagnostic Methodologies

Each of these three series can also be combined to provide a comprehensive insight into the general field of autoimmunity.

Series Objectives are:
• To provide an up-to-date review of the field of Autoimmunity, with emphasis on the novel aspects of etiology (infecting agents, apoptosis and cytokines).
• To discuss novel aspects of therapy entailing the novel biological agents such as anti TNF alpha, anti-Il-6 and other antibodies directed against the interactions of T, b and dendritic cells.
• To highlight the novel approaches being employed in new diagnostic measurements of autoimmune diseases, from multiplex techniques to detect autoantibodies, to the use of imaging equipment to demonstrate systemic involvement.

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