Visualization of transcription factor interactions in living cells

Published on October 1, 2007 Updated on April 2, 2014   48 min

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Hello, my name is Tom Kerppola. I am a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator and professor of biological chemistry at the University of Michigan Medical School. In my presentation I will discuss transcription factor interactions. I will especially focus on new methods developed in my laboratory for the visualization of protein interactions in living cells. Since I will not have time to discuss all details in my presentation, I have included a link to our website. And I invite you to go to the website to look for additional information.
I will start my discussion by introducing the importance of studies of protein interactions for understanding of biological regulatory specificity. All cells are constantly responding to stimuli from their environments. The specificity of these responses is determined by protein interactions at many different levels. Extracellular stimuli induce interactions between proteins at the membrane, including receptors and other proteins. These interactions produce signals that induce additional interactions among intercellular signal transduction proteins. The signal transduction network induces transcription factor interactions, both off DNA and upon assembly at specific regulatory elements. These interactions in turn produce changes in the expression of specific target genes. Thus, cells respond to their environment by altering protein interactions.

Visualization of transcription factor interactions in living cells

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