Creating animal models by genetic techniques

Published on February 11, 2015   51 min

Other Talks in the Series: Animal Models in Biomedical Research

Good morning, everybody. Thank you very much for attending this talk about creating animal models by genetic techniques. My name is Emmanuel Gomas and I've worked in the last 16 years now in the field of transgenic animals, in particular, transgenic mice and rats, both in academic labs, but also in a private company. In the last year I became a consultant trying to help and providing help to laboratories and facilities to improve their colony management and facility management.
In the seminar series about animals models embedded in medical research, it's important to have a talk about transgenic animals, because these transgenic animals now are a big part of animal models and maybe one of the most important part in animal models. So it's very important to understand where they come from, why they are there inside of the evolution of animal models through the age. But also it's important to know how, technically, these animals are engineered and the type of genetic strategies we can use in genetic engineering. Also I will spend some time on the latest developments in genetic engineering, occurring in the last two or three years. And I will to finish by speaking about some applications of transgenic animals. Some state of the art, and some points in the future as a conclusion.