The Molecular Basis of Cancer

Launched November 2020 Updated July 2023 15 lectures More in production
Prof. Yibin Kang
Princeton University, USA

Cancer is a leading cause of mortality in the modern world. Our understanding of cancer has undergone a revolution in the past 50 years with the discovery of genes that drive different aspects of tumorigenesis and progression, development of models that more closely mimic human cancer, and invention of technologies... read morethat provide unprecedented molecular and cellular insights into the disease. These advances in cancer research also brought about breakthroughs in early detection, prevention and treatment of cancer.

This series aims to provide an in-depth introduction to the molecular basis of cancer. It will explore the molecular events leading to the onset and progression of human cancer. It will review the landmark scientific findings which led to the discovery of oncogenes and tumor suppressors that make up key molecular pathways that influence the development of cancer. It will investigate the interaction between the tumor and the host environment, which plays critical roles in tumorigenesis, metastasis, and treatment response. The series will also explore the development and refinement of anti-cancer therapeutic strategies in light of the molecular events underlying different cancers.

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