Editor's foreword

Published on October 1, 2007 Reviewed on March 1, 2016   3 min

A selection of talks on Pharmaceutical Sciences

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As series editor, I would like to introduce you to this series of talks. These talks are aimed at a wide audience interested
in drug metabolism, and are particularly concerned with human drug metabolism. This series aims to provide an introduction to the field, as well as information at research level. The first section is concerned with general factors
affecting drug metabolism, and starts with an introductory talk by Dennis Smith, who's based at Pfizer. We then follow with five general talks, including an overview on the nuclear receptor superfamilies by Patrick Maurel, talks on physiological factors and disease by Edward Morgan and Robert Branch, a talk on practical approaches by Charles Crespi, and a discussion of in silico approaches by Maurice Dickins. The next section is concerned with phase I metabolism.
In phase I metabolism, cytochromes P450 are the best studied and most important enzyme family, and most of this action is taken up with discussion of these enzymes. We start with two talks on structure and reaction of P450s from Eric Johnson and Gordon Roberts. We then have talks on individual isoforms. Fred Guengerich considers the CYP1 family, I consider the CYP2 family, and Erin Schuetz considers CYP3A. There is an overview of the pharmacogenetics of cytochrome P450 from Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg. We then turn to non-P450 metabolism, and have a talk on oxidative metabolism from Christine Beedham and a talk on esterases from Clement Furlong. Section C is concerned with phase II drug metabolism,