Metabolomics: a brief introduction 2

Published on January 31, 2018   26 min

Other Talks in the Series: Bioinformatics for Metabolomics

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Welcome back. Reza Salek from EBI. And here, I'll continue with the part two of the Introduction to Metabolomics.
As I explained, I'll give a lot of examples below that instrumentation is also a key element of detecting and creating this metabolic profile. One thing just I want to mention, that there's a lot of different instruments. There are different manufacturers, and different manufacturers have several different models, and these models all have different parameters and settings. The best analogy and example is what people, for example, if you buy a TV, or looking at the TV market, you will see a lot of acronyms and a lot of information that the manufacturers are providing to be indicative of quality of the screen, quality of the model of the TV, and how much information, the clarity of information or resolution that you can get by choosing a different model. So most important thing here is that, the information that we're getting from each screen or TV program is the same information. What you actually are paying for, or what you're getting more, is more details and clarity in the quality of the images. Same thing applies when you have certain samples and you have this biological matrix and you use different analytical instruments depending on sensitivity or the quality or resolution of this instrument, you're getting certain information. But you are still looking at the same event; You're still looking at the same biology. It's like you are looking at the same TV program but the information and details of this information and the quality of this information varies depending on your analytical instrument. And obviously, the more higher resolution you want to go as you go for your TV, for example, if you choose to go for an 8K TV, your expenses are quite high; Far more expensive than for example, a 4K quality screen or a TV. The same thing also applies to choice of analytical instruments. But remember, the information you get in it is more or less the same. There are details that varies depending on type of instrument. In a more technical manner, depending on different type of instruments,