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Other Talks in the Series: Vaccines

Hello. My name's Ashley Birkett. I'm the Director of PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative. And I'm going to give you an update today on current progress in malaria vaccine development efforts.
The presentation that I'm going to give is really divided into two main sections. First, introduction. I'm going to go through the burden of disease and recent trends in malaria morbidity and mortality, review the malaria life cycle and the vaccine opportunities that that provides, the biological evidence to support vaccine approaches. It's extremely important that we have evidence that it is possible to induce immunity and to support vaccine development efforts in humans. And then I'm going to switch over to vaccine development review, the current community goals with you, what the current targets are for vaccine development, the type of vaccines we're trying to develop, and the target efficacies. Efforts to increase the probability of success in reducing risks as we develop these products, and then the current progress against the malaria vaccine technology roadmap goals. Those are the community goals. And I'll review the goals and the current progress in achieving them. The introduction will come first.