What is new in type 1 diabetes?

Published on May 22, 2013 Archived on February 28, 2023   41 min

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What is new in type I diabetes? Ake Lernmark, Lunds University, Skanes University Hospital in Malmo.
What is new in type I diabetes? Is the disease still increasing?
As can be seen from slide three, type I diabetes is increasing by 3-5% per year. The slide is showing examples from Finland, which has the highest incidence rate in the world followed by Sweden, and Colorado and Germany are illustrated as countries which also show an increased incidence rate. The highest incidence rate per year presently known is in Poland with 14% increase per year.
This world map on slide four depicts new cases of type I diabetes in children 0-14 years in age. And as can be seen, Scandinavia and the Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere in Australia and New Zealand have an increased rate of type 1 diabetes. More alarmingly is the fact that type I diabetes is becoming more and more common in developing countries where the incidence rate is increasing.