Introduction to Gross Anatomy for Medicine

Launched December 2019 Updated May 2024 17 lectures More in production
Prof. Emeritus Bernard Moxham
Cardiff University, UK

The anatomical sciences provide the foundation for understanding the structure and function of the human body. Thus, we have developed a lecture series on gross anatomy for medicine that delivers an introduction to anatomical concepts and the regional anatomy of the human body.... read more

The first section of the series offers an introduction to the series. The second section focuses on the regional anatomy of the trunk (thorax and abdomen). The third section consists of talks relating to the musculoskeletal system (limbs and back) and the final section of the series focuses on the regional anatomy of the head and neck.

Each lecture will be given by an internationally recognized expert in the field and will provide the audience with a description of the key concepts and structures of the region or system. The lectures will be well-illustrated in line with the view that gross anatomy is best learned by a visual appreciation of human structure.