Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Published on November 30, 2022   45 min
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Hello, I am Dr. Gina Touch Mercer, a Clinical Psychologist and the Director of the Behavioral and Social Sciences Curriculum at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix. Today, as part of the Behavioral Medicine series, I'd like to talk about cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. I will highlight the fundamentals of this evidence-based psychotherapy, which I've included in this series, as it has clear implications for individual and public health. CBT is the current standard of care for several chief complaints studied and treated by medical and mental health professionals. I hope that listening to this talk will provide a foundation for understanding, identifying, referring, and alleviating the conditions you see clinically in patients, in your practice specialty, or that you investigate in your research.
In this talk, I will define CBT, identify multiple applications of CBT clinical trials, and briefly describe the theoretical foundations underlying CBT. I will define foundational concepts and highlight techniques that can be applied in clinical practice and provide a demonstration of their application. Finally, I will identify contraindications, cautions, and considerations when utilizing CBT and provide resources for further study and use by professionals and patients.