A selection of talks on Infectious Diseases

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Hello. My name is Dr. Pravin Shende, I am Professor and PG Chairperson at SVKM's and NMIMS, Shobhaben Pratapbhai Patel School of Pharmacy and Technology Management, Mumbai, India.
This is my research contributions and accomplishments.
It's my pleasure to introduce the topic regarding different transporters in drug delivery systems. I am going to tell you about multiple approaches for delivery via transporters present in the human body. Outline on the substrates and inhibitors of transporters that affect delivery and their pharmacological applications.
Most transporters show a site-specific expression which provides ideal targets for drug delivery to increase uptake at specific site or enhanced permeation across biological barriers such as blood-brain barrier. In bio-transporters, movement of drugs from one biological barrier to another side of the cell is guided via transport mechanism. Membrane-associated proteins that govern the transport of solutes, for example, drugs and other xenobiotics into and out of the cells. Transporters can play a vital role in determining the drug concentrations in systemic circulation and in cells. The two major super families of membrane transporters are ATP Binding Cassette, ABC and Solute Carrier SLC Super Families.