Creating retail websites

Published on January 31, 2021   24 min

A selection of talks on Strategy

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Hello, my name is Emma Davies. I'm a Strategy Director at Voiceboxx.
Voiceboxx is a full service agency based in Birmingham. We deliver six core services that seamlessly combined together or work independently to achieve the right results for our clients.
These services include marketing, PR, creative, videos, social media, and of course, digital.
Digital is my specialism. I've created, developed, and maintained websites for over 15 years now. I've seen many a change during that time, that the four-phase methodology, which we use at Voiceboxx still holds true.
We have a four-phase methodology that we use to deliver our projects. That methodology is discover, define, develop, and deliver. We use that for any website project that we run. I'll talk you through that now. Through that, I will also highlight the critical factors and potential pitfalls to avoid when developing an e-commerce website.
The first phase in our methodology is discover.
Before any work takes place, we want to do our homework. That involves researching our clients, their marketplace, and what success looks like to them. To do that, we ask questions, lots of questions, as this helps us to identify critical factors and avoid potential pitfalls. These are questions such as, what is the five-year plan of your business? What is your existing product service offering? What is the percentage of turnover and profit by revenue streams? What future projects service launches are planned? What are your current business challenges? What customer profiling management have you completed to date? What is the key learning from your existing online/offline shop? What social media strategies do you have in place? What current or future internal processes must an online shop integrate with? What CRM databases do you have, and what do you integrate within your new or revised online shop? What online shops do you admire? Where are your customers located? What currency can they purchase products or services in? What languages should they read the site in? There may be many more questions than those. But this is a good starter for 10 to get you on your way. Understanding these questions to ask before you undertake any development is essential as without this knowledge, you can develop a website there is right now, or for right what do you think the brief is, but not necessarily right for the future.