Digital Marketing Best PracticeFundamentals of strategy and practice

Launched February 2010 Updated September 2022 19 lectures
Dr. Annmarie Hanlon
Cranfield School of Management, UK

Digital media such as the Internet, web, IPTV and mobile phones have transformed the way we select products, suppliers and entertainment. Many now turn to a search engine early on in the buying process. As we search, we are presented with an incredible choice of sources to support us. Manufacturers,... read morebrands and service suppliers, comparison and review sites, business directories, blogs and social networks all vie for our attention.

This series reviews the implications of the new online marketplace for organizations to help you review and improve your approach to managing your digital marketing activities.

Understanding this new customer behavior, which defines how we interact with online intermediaries and respond to stimuli online has become vital to the success of all businesses. In the series, we explain the new digital communications strategies needed to reach and support customers throughout the buying process through channels such as search engine marketing, online advertising and email marketing. Traditional means of communications remain vital to the marketer and this series also explains how to tackle the significant challenge in integrating online and offline channels throughout the customer lifecycle.

However, digital marketing is about much more than communications, it gives great opportunities to listen to and interact with the customer or follow them as they collaborate with others online. This series will also explore the new market and product development strategies required to enable companies to compete by creating new types of value and different ways to target customers.