Pedagogies of online learning

Published on September 26, 2019   26 min

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Hi, welcome to my talk on Pedagogies Of Online Learning. My name is Sarah Jane Cashman. I'm based at Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland.
I'm going to cover several different topics over the course of this talk namely, a way to view pedagogy as a continuum. I'm going to look at Bloom's taxonomy. Then I'm going to look at the digital variation on that technology, and finally, how these can all be incorporated into the online environment. So jumping straight in, I suppose the real question is, what is pedagogy? What do we mean by that?
Well, the Oxford English Dictionary defines pedagogy as the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or a theoretical concept. On the other hand, Merriam-Webster defines it as the art, science, or profession of teaching. So today the word it's used to cover so many different things. Firstly, it covers the different philosophies, the different schools of thought on the best way to approach teaching and learning. It covers how individual sessions are planned, individual approaches to doing different things, how you choose your activities and your content. It covers everything that you do in preparation for teaching, everything you do during your delivery, and all of your follow-up activities as well. So the word itself has its historical origins in Greece and later in France on a 3D relating to the teaching of children. For adult learners, the phrase andragogy is sometimes used instead. Heutagogy then refers to learners who are largely self-managed, so they need really little help from the teacher. The teacher really is just expected to help the learn to develop the capacity to learn, rather than to help them learn the curriculum. So all of these different words, you're going to see them coming up in different things in research, and academia, and online. They're all used quite commonly. But the one that's most often used is pedagogy. It's by far the most frequently used term and it's used to cover all of these situations, whether we're teaching children or adults.