Kinetic analysis of protein activity

Published on October 1, 2007 Archived on March 30, 2023   48 min

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Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues. Antonio Baici from the University of Zurich. I guide you through an excursion in the world of kinetics, commented with Italian accent. The purpose of my talk is to discuss some topics and methods of practical interest for the kinetic investigation of proteins interacting with other proteins, ligands, and metabolites in general, with emphasis on the kinetics of enzyme action.
Biochemical kinetics deals with the study of the velocity of biologically relevant processes. It represents an indispensable support for understanding the mechanism of action of proteins. In fact knowing how fast an event takes place gives useful information about its character. We are aware that kinetics alone cannot answer all questions on the mechanism of action of the biological process. However, pulled information from kinetics, structured analyses, site-directed mutagenesis, and other methods will do the job.
I'd like to talk about a few concepts of practical interest. First, I'll give you some background on different kind of information provided by thermodynamics and kinetics. Then I'd like to talk about the kinetics of enzyme action, starting from catalysis. After introducing basic methods of investigation, I will describe two approaches for writing kinetic equations. Understanding the [INAUDIBLE] of the entire progress of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction is a central issue for getting a clear picture of what is going on in kinetics. I also try to convince you that graphical analysis of kinetic data is not outmoded. With the correct use of it, statistical analysis using mathematical methods explained by a powerful partner for solving complex problems. I conclude my talk with a discussion of some aspects of enzyme inhibition, focusing on practical methods of analysis.