Replication-competent viral vectors

Published on June 11, 2015   45 min

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My name is Farshad Guirakhoo, and I am Chief Technology Officer at Vaxess Technologies located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I will be talking about replication competent viral vectors.
I will be talking about virus classification, infectious diseases in humans caused by viruses, and vaccine approaches to combat such diseases. Next, I will focus on vaccines based on viral vectors, general barriers and challenges, then describe specific characteristics and challenges for both replication diffusion and replication-competent vectors. The talk will be then narrowed specifically on replication-competent vectors, starting with describing the rationale for this selections, and going onto a few examples of replication-competent vectors which are either in clinical development or already marketed. These include VSV, or vesicular stomach virus, or yellow fever-based replication-competent vectors. A summary slide will conclude this presentation.