Managing brands in Asia

Published on December 11, 2014   48 min
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Hi, I'm Martin Roll. I run a management consulting firm based in Singapore, I'm specialized in branding, marketing, and strategy. Today we're going to talk about managing brands in Asia, which I find is a very interesting topic. It has grown in prominence particularly in Asia. If you look at it around 10 years ago, branding was nice to have for Asian firms and it is now turning into something that Asian firms feel they need to have. We're going to look at branding in Asia from primarily two angles. One of them is going to be, how do Asian brands internationalize their companies and their brands? And the other one is going to be about what should Western firms do once they start to move into Asia?
A global management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, wanted to find out a few years back what characterizes some of the most profitable companies. They found out that profitable companies have three different traits. First of all, they focus on intangibles, such as human capital and they also found out that profitable companies are very good in working with network effects and network effects could be the fact that instead of trying to do all the R&D internally, companies could work with other companies, work with scientists, sign up with business schools, technological universities, and other institutes in order to insource, get new ideas and all of that. You don't necessarily have to do everything yourself and that's what those profitable companies did. The last one was that they were creating synergies based on brands, rather than investing in tangible assets, profitable firms actively looked at brands.