Hospitality marketing

Published on January 31, 2024   28 min
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Hello, everyone. Today we're talking about hospitality marketing. I am Professor Ioannis S. Pantelidis, and I am the Head of the Department for Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ulster University. I have a background first with a career in the hotel and restaurant sector, and quite a few decades ago I became an academic. I've done consultancy for industries, and my research tends to focus on online consumer behavior around hospitality and tourism.
What we are going to cover in this topic is, we will start with a little bit about hospitality characteristics. What is hospitality marketing? Then we will follow through with a couple of examples with online travel agents and we'll use a major hotel company trying to understand a little bit about what hospitality marketing exactly is or how can we dissect it.
What is hospitality marketing? There are many definitions of marketing out there, but I'll give you my view, which is the art and science of communicating to your audience in order to attract them to your hospitality business. That's a key part of what a lot of people forget. It's as simple as clear communication to your audience. That's what good hospitality marketing does, and avoids a lot of the traps of using gimmicks in trying to attract that audience. A lot of companies might be falling in that pitfall.